If you haven’t purchased tickets to Vivid at Taronga Zoo there is still time. And this is definitely one of the best ways to experience Vivid with children.

This year the light sculpture walk includes many of the crowd favourites from previous years along with some very special new additions. New additions this year include 3 playful Sumatran Tiger cubs to celebrate the birth of Kartika’s three new cubs and a pride of Lions in anticipation of the new African Savannah precinct which opens later this year.

The season runs from 24th May – 15th June 2019, with two session times each night.

When you first arrive be sure to check out the mesmerizing light projection on the front entrance. This is stunning and really sets the tone for considering the need for the very important wildlife conservation efforts that Taronga Zoo undertake; but also the ways in which we can all be ‘a light for the wild’.

As Vivid at Taronga is a ticketed event it means the crowds are more regulated in comparison to some of the other Vivid locations, and it’s great knowing that every dollar from ticket sales goes to supporting the great work done by Taronga Zoo to support conservation. Buy your tickets here.

Another fact that makes Vivid at Taronga so good for families with younger kids, is that the lights go on earlier than at other Vivid venues, with the first session of the evening starting at 5:30pm.

Tips for exploring Vivid at Taronga with kids

Little legs are highly likely to get tired before the end, so be prepared to either carry or piggy-back the littlest people back up the hill as you circle back to the top of the zoo. Bringing a pram can be helpful here as the path is very pram-friendly, however it will reduce your own maneuverability as you move with the flow of the crowd.

Be sure to bring jackets as it can get bitterly cold. This is also an all weather event. Ponchos and umbrellas are available at the Zoo’s retail outlets if needed.

Don’t miss the interactive sculpture of the colour changing chameleon. This is always a hit with the little ones.

Food outlets and pop up food vans are dotted along the sculpture walk for a light meal or snack. There is also glowing fairy floss and plenty of glow wands etc that can be purchased along the way – all profits helping to support Taronga Zoo’s conservation efforts.

Parking at the zoo is a flat rate of $9 for entry after 4pm.

Tickets can be purchased here

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