Some of my strongest memories of my childhood birthdays are not of the presents I received but rather the little things that my parents did to make me feel extra special. With a little creativity you can elevate your child’s day to something truly magical that will leave them with memories that last a life time. Check out these 10 ideas for some inspiration:

Create a balloon avalanche for when the birthday kid first opens their door in the morning

balloon avalanche

Decorate the breakfast table with balloons and confetti. Put candles in their breakfast, put on party hats and sing happy birthday.

special birthday ideas

Write Happy Birthday on the bathroom mirror with window crayons or shaving cream

make kids birthday extra special

Reminisce about the day they were born. Look through baby photos and watch videos of their first days.

Let the birthday kid choose a special outing for the day or an upcoming weekend. Visit our list of Top Attractions for inspiration.

magical birthday memories

Let them choose what to have for dinner

make kids birthday special

Write a secret message on the birthday card that has a clue to where their birthday present is hiding. When I was a kid my mum painstakingly wrote out the secret message in code herself, but now we have technology on our side. Click here for a quick tutorial on how to create a mirror-image secret message for your kiddo to decode.

Decorate the inside of the car with balloons and streamers.

make kids birthday extra special

Each year on their birthday measure your kids height on a height chart and marvel at how much they grew over the last year

Turn bath time into a party.

make kids borthday extra special

We hope this has provided you with lots of inspiration for creating your own wonderful birthday memories with your kids. If you are planning a birthday party or simply looking for a cute cake for your kids birthday be sure to check out our party directory for a comprehensive list of local businesses.

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