Looking for a great spot for your North Sore Kid to practice riding their bike or scooter! We’ve rounded up some of the best bike paths for kids on Sydney’s North Shore :

Naremburn Park, Station St, Naremburn

A path loops around each of the two playing fields ideal for kids to scooter or ride along. There is also a small looping path within the fenced playground great for the littlest of riders.

Best bike tracks sydney's north shore

Hallstrom Park, Small St, Willoughby

In addition to offering a fabulous, freshly refurbished playground (and let’s not forget the coffee at neighbouring Incinerator Cafe), Hallstrom park has a great bike track with crossing and signs to add to the riding fun.

Best bike tracks on Sydney's North Shore

Brightmore Reserve, Young St, Cremorne

The educational bike/scooter track here simulates real roads with roundabouts, road signs and pedestrian crossings, making it a great park to bring the kids to to practice their bike, trike and scooter skills.

best bike tracks for kids sydney's north shore

Blackman Park, Lloyd Rees Dr, Lane Cove West

At Blackman Park a bicycle track makes a circuit round the field and through the bush and is a great spot for beginner riders to practice their skills.

best bike tracks for kids north shore sydney

Willoughby Park, McClelland St, Willoughby

At Willoughby Park there is a loop tricycle track for little ones located within the fenced playground, while outside of the fenced area there is a bike track the circles around the oval, offering great cycling options for both younger kids just learning to ride and scooter, as well as older more confident riders

Best bike paths on sydney's lower north shore

Queen Elizabeth Reserve, Bradfield Rd, Lindfield

Looping paths run throughout Queen Elizabeth Reserve making a great track for bikes, trikes and scooters.

best bike tracks north shore sydney

Clifton Gardens Reserve, Morella Rd, Mosman

Along with the great playground, sheltered beach, and kiosk to satisfy those food and caffeine cravings, Clifton Gardens Reserve also has lots of paths for kids to scooter and cycle on.

best bike paths for kids north shore sydney

East Gordon Park, Mount Ida St, Gordon

There is a junior cycle path at East Gordon Park, along with playground and flying fox.

best bike tracks north shore sydney

Castle Cove Park, Castle Cove

At Castle Cove Park a path circles around the playground equipment within the fenced area offering a place for scooters and early bike riders to practice, while outside the fenced area a path loops around the sports field which is also great for kids on bikes.

best kids bike paths north shore sydney

Castle Cove Jumps Track, Castle Cove

This is a great facility for older kids to extend there bike riding skills, but is also popular for younger kids who enjoy watching the big kids ride the big jumps. The Castle Cove bike facility features a section of runs that cater for intermediate to expert riders.

best kids bike tracks north shore sydney

Northbridge Bike Skills Track, Sailors Bay Rd, Northbridge

Another great facility for the more advanced rider, the Northbridge Bike Skills track features a section of small jumps and a “pump track”. The pump track consists of a small loop track with smooth dirt mounds.

bike tracks for kids north shore sydney

St Ives Showground, Mona Vale Rd, St Ives

The cycle track at Picnic Area 6 is the ideal place to bring the kids to ride their bikes – there’s a barrier fence and there are no cars or other cyclists to contend with.

Bradfield Park, Milson’s Point

While not a bike path exactly, for kids just beginning to learn to scooter there is a large paved area under the bridge (outside of the fenced playground). This can be such a welcome option for newby scooterers, especially in the early days when learning to steer is still difficult.

best bike paths for kids sydney

Willoughby Leisure Centre Netball Courts, Small St, Willoughby

Another great venue for newby scooterers is the Netball Courts behind the Willoughby Leisure Centre. Lots of open space so steering is not so essential here. Just be sure to check that the courts are not in use for netball tournaments.


There are even more playgrounds with bike and scooter paths listed in our playground directory. Click here or alternatively choose playgrounds > bike and scooter tracks from the main menu at the top of this page. You can then see all the playgrounds in this category displayed on the interactive map.


Have you got a favourite bike path that your kids love to visit? Let us know in the comments below.

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