We just love family traditions. And Christmas time is full of so many opportunities to create wonderful memories and family connection that we just couldn’t stop at just 25 Christmas Tradition ideas in our earlier article. So here’s 25 more ideas to inspire your joy-filled festive season:

  1. Take a family photo in front of the Christmas tree every year.
  2. Read “Twas the Night Before Christmas” every Christmas Eve.
  3. Start with a plain Santa sack and add your child’s hand and foot print to it each year.
  4. Give each member of the family a new ornament each year that reflects their interests. Or let the kids pick their own ornament that they feel captures an important event or aspect of their year. This makes tree decorating much more magical as wonderful memories are triggered by the different ornaments.
  5. Buy coordinating Christmas themed pajamas for all family members to wear to bed on Christmas Eve … this makes for some simply adorable family photos come Christmas morning.
  6. Get all the adults involved in a secret Santa stocking exchange based on a random draw ie everyone fills just one and everyone gets just one. Maybe specify a budget that everyone needs to stick to.
  7. Have fondue nights during the Christmas season. You could go all out and do savory fondue followed by a sweet dessert fondue. Or stick with a classic and super scrummy chocolate fondue with lots of fruits. It’s a hit with children and adults alike!
  8. Make your own keepsake bauble for each child each year by purchasing a plain bauble and writing key events and memories from the year on it.
  9. You could also take a plain colored bauble and dip your child’s hand in paint and have them grasp around the bauble thereby preserving their handprint and creating a unique momento of their childhood.
  10. To extend the magic around gift opening, Santa might hide one gift each year and leave a clue as to where to find it.
  11. Or Santa might instead hide a whole bag of gifts that mum and dad can stumble upon later in the day. This allows the gift unwrapping to be spread over two sessions and limits some of the overwhelm particularly for the younger kids.
  12. Capture the kids on video every year doing the same thing. Whether it be bounding down the stairs first thing on Christmas morning, or maybe opening their presents. It will make a great montage that you can look back on when they are older and notice how much they grew and changed each year.
  13. Visit a tree farm and choose your own fresh tree.
  14. Host a neighborhood Christmas party in the street.
  15. Get photos of the kids with Santa each year.
  16. Decorate the outside of your house with Christmas lights.
  17. Go for a walk or drive on Christmas Eve and look at all the Christmas lights. As a family you could all vote on which house is the winner. And if you wish to take this one step further you could make up a special award to present to the winning house.
  18. Pull out a new board game on Christmas Eve and play it together as a family.
  19. Buy a special decoration for each child each year. Label them with their names so that when they move out you can present them with their own collection.
  20. Get competitive at an annual family and friends bake off where each family makes a big batch of their favorite Christmas cookies and after the taste test and awarding of prizes, the batches are split up so everyone gets an assortment of different goodies to take home.
  21. Read Christmas themed story books together as a family before bedtime for each night in December. If you can collect enough books it can be a lot of fun to wrap them and use them as an advent calendar, opening one each day and reading it together.
  22. Get the kids involved in giving to those who have less by taking a special outing to buy a gift to leave under a wishing tree.
  23. You can increase the magic around an advent calendar by pairing it with a special evening ritual. Each night at a similar time gather together as a family and light the tree, sing a Christmas carol and open a door of the advent calendar.
  24. Make shoe-box gifts for those less fortunate.
  25. Watch Christmas movies every weekend in December.


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